Saturday, September 18, 2010

You Can Be Anything You Want

This makes me mad. Angry. Fuming. When I first read that, I said "WTF?" in a loud, angry voice.

In case the link doesn't work or something, the gist of it is that someone supposedly took a picture of the backsides of Princess Letizia, First Lady of France Carla Bruni, and Michelle Obama as they were going up the stairs. The supposed Michelle Obama is a fake picture, but the premise is that the first two ladies had supermodel backsides, luxurious hair, and fashionable clothing, whereas Mrs. Obama looked frumpy. The words heading the picture were, "makes you proud, doesn't it?"

First of all, WTF?? OK now, let's analyze that statement and the picture. Apparently a country can only be proud of its female leaders if they look and dress like models? What about what these women stand up for? What about their intelligence, common sense, and practicality as leaders of your friggin country? I would, in fact, love a leader who didn't spend all her money on plastic surgery and designer clothing! To me, "frivolous spending" isn't a great motto to have while running a country. Maybe that's just me, though.

Or is the assumption that these women don't actually run the country? That their husbands or fathers are the ones actually running the country and these women have the job of maintaining a good public image and they don't actually do any real work? Hmmmm. Nnnnnnope, doesn't make me any less angry.

When we are little we are told "you can be anything you want to be." But this is a flat out lie. Women can be anything we want to be... as long as we look good doing it. If we are decidedly below average-looking, we get no respect. The only women men respect are both skilled and drop dead gorgeous. Gain a few pounds, or have the unhappy chance of being born with too big of a nose, and you are out of the running. You might get by with a decent job, but no one thinks you really deserve it. They would be much happier if a blonde bombshell took your position, even if you worked harder for it or are better at the actual job.

Let's face it. Women are always judged first on attractiveness, then on whatever other qualities they might possess. (Even by other women.) It's the symptom of a shallow society filled with shallow minds. Next time you look at an unattractive woman, refrain from thinking about her unattractiveness. Instead, try to see the beauty of her mind, her attitude, or her kindness.

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