Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have You Ever...

Have you ever....

Wanted to fly, glide, maneuver, and dive through the sky?

Felt like wrapping yourself up a tree like a vine?

Dreamt that you could breathe underwater?

Felt like stretching yourself out and wrapping yourself around the whole world?

Needed to run faster than the speed of light just for the feel of it?

Itched to lift a dozen cars and throw them into buildings?

Longed to leap from tree to tree across the top of a forest?

Wanted to die just so that you can transcend the limitations of your body?

I often feel displaced inside my own body. I seem so much slower, more awkward, and weaker than I should be. I feel as if I weren't really meant to be chained to the ground like I am, or confined to this small of a space. Being human seems too restrictive to me. I want to be as unrestrained as my imagination.


  1. Hi=
    fascinating desires - to reach beyond limits to be free and to soar and do wht is deemed humanly impossible - for me? I am quite happy secure to the ground - I soar in my spirit and in my mind and in how I love and feel loved and I only need to be aware of "me" and what surrounds me - I am the sky, the wind, the sun, the trees, the ocean and on and on...............and please know I do understand your feelings and honor them completely.

    Please stop by my blog - it is a time of celebration there.
    Love to you

  2. Yes, I have felt this....

    Do not be constrained by anything or anyone else's boundaries. Only by your own, okay?