Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hobbit Songs

Wouldn't it be cool if someone set songs from The Hobbit to actual music? (besides the animated Hobbit movie ones... although I admit that their version of the "misty mountains" song is pretty awesome...) And then put out a CD and sold it on the internet? And wouldn't it be cool if someone, say, me, bought said CD of Hobbit music and played it for my son as a lullaby??? :/ Why does no one think of these things?


  1. I actually have seen that at the Library. Not for a long long time, though. It had the songs of the elves and dwarves, along with Gollum's riddles.
    I also have a cd inspired by the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings which has a few awesome tunes on it. "I sang of leaves of gold" and "All is fair" are my favies (elven songs). It is new age so it mixes a lot of weird stuff in with the music (one song starts with gregorian-like chanting and switches to electric guitar with tons of distortion!)... lemmee know if you wanna hear it sometime.

  2. yes! it would be interesting to listen to :)