Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ribbon of Healing

It seems as if a lot of people right around now are dealing with a lot of hurt, be it physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, etc...

During Imbolc, I received a ribbon of healing... it's literally a ribbon, blessed by Brigitte (Brigid, Bree, whatever you want to call her) and I think doing a healing ritual (basically sending positive energy and good thoughts) would be not only beneficial to all those of you who are hurting, but to me as well as I'm dealing with some issues of my own and rituals help me focus my mind and align myself with the bigger picture, resulting in my being less self absorbed and stressed out over my own petty concerns.

I already have a short list of specific people who I'm going to try and send healing energy to, but please let me know if you'd like to be added to the list, or you know someone who needs some healing right about now. You can message me privately if you'd rather do that.


  1. HI

    Oh my what a lovely image, " a ribbon of healing"......and yes, please. for my Sister and may I ask for myself as well.

    I am humbled and greateful.

    Love to you

  2. 最敏捷的,未必贏得競賽:最強大的,未必贏得戰爭:時間與機會才是主人..............................

  3. Reminds me of a ritual in the book I just read where, right after someone died, a ribbon was selected for them and worn. These were not "black" ribbons (or whatever the color of death would be for that culture) but the color represented some part of them that they wanted to remember- like eye color or the warmth of their soul or something.

    Just curious- am I on your list?

  4. no because i didn't know if that would offend you. :P do you want to be?

  5. Does it offend you that I pray for you? I imagine the feelings would be similar... aren't they?

  6. true. :) no i'm not offended when you pray for me, it shows that you care for me and i do believe it does some good, not because i think the christian god is in control of things, but because i think a person can be receptive or giving of positive energy.

    after talking with you last night i got a better understanding of where you stand. some christians however think that i pray to the devil and thus would be offended if i did a ritual for them, make sense? i just want to make sure that's not the case. :)