Saturday, February 20, 2010

Value of Religion

This is not really a post, more like a provoking question.

What is the value of religion? If you are religious, why? If you are not, why?

Is religion important to society, to the individual, or to none?

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  1. Our coins say "e pluribus unum"
    To learn we go to the "university"
    In the arts we blend harmonies to a dream that "we are the world"
    In marriage we see "two become one"
    In science we hunt for the "theory of everything" to explain the "universe"
    Even the individual is "one" with varying parts and proclivities

    I sometimes wonder if our greatest search is for unity in diversity, what the Greeks called the quintessence of life. The value of religion, I think, is that it offers unity in diversity in a way that transcends yet can coexist with all the others.

    If religion fulfills our greatest search then it may just be our greatest hope.